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We call it coconut sugar jam or syrup because it is thicker and can be used as a spread of food and bread. Day Nectar is made from 100% palm oil processed into a certain amount of sugar jam. This is a multipurpose and more practical sugar solution. You just pour it into the food menu that you like. Unlike coconut sugar granules which require longer heating to drying. Day Nectar provides nutrients that are still maintained because it does not require a maximum cooking process and drying. With a pH of 5.5 and a sweetness level of 70-80 it is ideal for those of you who are worried about diabetes who want to maintain more consistent sugar levels due to the low glicemic index, low fructose. If the glycemic index is lower then Day Nectar will replace the other sugar and you will feel full longer so that it helps the process of maintaining and losing weight.

NATURAL TASTE The taste in coconut nectar is still like its original honey namely "Nira" has not experienced a maximum hot spot. This is a taste that is more pronounced if you brew coffee and drinks with coconut nectar

MULTI FUNCTION Coconut nectar can be used as jam for white bread, as honey because of its texture like honey, as an added ingredient in your cuisine, or as a filling of bread and delicious flavor enhancers on ice cream, juice and your favorite foods.

ORGANIC We ensure that only organic coconut juice and choices can be processed into coconut nectar.



We provide retail selling packaging 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml. We also accept packaging according to our customers' requests for demand limits.


Lots of coconut sugar farmers, but not all can produce coconut nectar. Not all coconut flower honey can be processed into coconut nectar. Only the sap is taken twice a day, namely morning and evening which can be processed, because the PH will change if the roomie is taken to wait for tomorrow. Filtering from dirt and PH is needed and cooked to 70 degrees until cooked again until it reaches 70-80 brix.


Coconut nectar is the best sugar with a natural taste of coconut sugar. For those of you who want a sugar sweetener diet recommendation, I suggest you use coconut nectar. With honey flavor that is still felt because it is processed without maximum heating. First you will feel that this is honey, but this is sugar produced from coconut flower honey.