Molded Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar in solid form or called coconut sugar. This type of sugar does not last long in the storage process. It tends to melt if stored too long. It’s an obstacle for us if any of our consumers need sugar in solid form.
Printed coconut sugar still has high water content and can only last up to 15 days after production.


Contains many minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the body, very good for immunity and good for diabetics

Forms of sugar molds for household kitchen consumption, rujak and food sellers

Forms of sugar molds for the consumption of soy sauce and food manufacturing industries with coconut sugar as the raw material

Forms of sugar molds for retail consumption and export to foreign countries with packaging of 500 grams per pack

What Is Molded Coconut Sugar?

Initially, coconut sugar was in the form of a mold, so that the demand for crystal forms became more and more, almost coconut sugar farmers on average made crystal coconut sugar. However, molded coconut sugar will still be produced due to the very large demand for the soy sauce industry and also the retail market.

We Deliver!

Coconut sugar Block has a complex positive effect on the body. 


Healthy Menu

  • 100% Natural
  • Free Gluten
  • Without GMO
  • Highest Quality

Delicious Recipes

Very good for ingredients for all flavors of cooking

Fresh Ingredients, Superior Quality

Sugar with multiple functions as a cooking spice, food sweetener, the main ingredient for soy sauce and chocolate factories and as an ingredient in animal nutrition to make it immune to disease and extreme climates.

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