Coconut Nectar

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We call it coconut sugar jam because it is thicker and can spread for food and bread. Day Nectar is made from 100% organic coconut sap processed into sugar jam at a specific temperature. This is a sugar solution with multipurpose and is more practical. You pour it into the menu of the food you like, in contrast to coconut sugar granule, which requires more prolonged heating to dry. Day Nectar provides nutrients that are still maintained because it does not require a maximum cooking and drying process.
With a PH of 5.5 and a sweetness level of 70-80, it is ideal for those concerned about diabetes who want to maintain more consistent sugar levels because of the low glycemic index, low fructose. If the glycemic index is lower, then Day Nectar will replace other sugars, and you will feel full longer, which helps maintain and lose weight.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 cm

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