Coconut Sap Vinegar

Coconut sap is a completely natural raw material for organic coconut sugar. No chemicals or hazardous materials are used in its manufacture. It’s plant-based and naturally vegan (unlike honey). It is highly nutritious, packed with essential minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium and potassium.

The main ingredients for making sap vinegar are sap itself with a combination of turmeric. This ingredient can be drunk directly as a health drink and to increase energy.

About Coconut Sugar Sap Vinegar

Coconut sap is the main ingredient in coconut sugar, produced from cutting the manggar or base of the coconut flower with a sharp object and a sweet-tasting liquid called Nira comes out.

Nira vinegar is produced from a process with a combination of turmeric to add properties. We also produce turmeric vinegar but using water as a medium. In the process of working with sap vinegar with turmeric, we saw that palm juice as a medium was very positive as a microbial food ingredient for turmeric. After we consume it, the reaction is felt faster after we drink it.


The longer the quality of sap vinegar is stored, the better it will be, in contrast to food products which have an expiration date for consumption. The longer it is stored, the more active the good probiotic bacteria will be. Glass bottle packaging is the best for preventing the vinegar sap from bloating in the bottle.


Reduces blood sugar, contains antioxidants, has important nutrients, facilitates digestion, reduces cholesterol, contains natural probiotics, is healthy and prevents heart disease.


weakness of nira vinegar

Palm vinegar contains strong acetic acid, if you consume too much without adding water to break it down, it will damage tooth enamel. So for consumption, mix 2 tablespoons of sap vinegar with half a small glass of water.

Coconut Sap Vinegar Taste

The sour taste of sap vinegar may not be liked by many people, making it an obstacle to consuming it regularly.

How To Consume

For healing, it should be consumed 3 times a day and for prevention you can use it 2 times a day according to the recommended size. If you are taking medicine from a doctor, you should consume palm vinegar 2 hours after you take the medicine.

Usage Suggention

If you want to incorporate palm vinegar into your diet program, do it wisely and in the recommended amounts.
If you have certain health conditions or are taking medication, you should consume palm vinegar 2-3 hours after you take the medication or you can consult us for a diet program.



Rich In Nutrients

The liquid is rich in nutrients so it has the character of spoiling quickly and fermenting more quickly.

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