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Coconut Sugar

The Process of

Coconut Sugar Making

Unrefined, non-GMO, natural sweetener that is safe for health


Produced from selected sap raw materials from organic plantation land


Manufactured to strict food safety standards with skilled workers


Packed with materials that are safe from impact and resistant to damage


Produced from organic land

Seed Plant

From mother plant and unlock genetic engineering

Produced System

Processed according to safe production standards

Our Product

clean, hygienic and free of harmful ingredients


packaged safely using high quality packaging

This product has been around for hundreds of years in Banyumas and significantly contributes to the economy. We maintain a value inherited from our ancestors for this product by supporting organic and traditional values. Provide supervision, a strict production system, and highly guarded quality control—sugar produced from coconut tree honey with high nutrients for both sweetness and health. Our sugar is different from the sugar in the world, with Glicemix (35) low and rich in nutrients in it.
It is a natural sweetener rich in minerals. It is processed from coconut sap taken before sunrise to keep the sugar honey from spoiling and made by experts with decades of experience in making organic coconut sugar. Because disciplined farmers and professional production workers produce quality coconut sugar. We present a variety of packaging according to market demand.

Organic Coconut Sugar Specification

  • Shelf Life

    3 years

  • Colour

    Light brown, yellow

  • Water Content

    2 -3%

  • Form

    Granule, Powder, Mess 16, 18

  • Process

    Organic Process, clean, No Fungus

  • Quantity

    Max 200 MT/ month

  • Packaging Detail

    Bulk packaging Available type 10 kg, Bulk Cartons inside with Plastics Bags available for solid or Organic Process, Clean, no fungies 1 carton contains plastics bag @ 10kg

  • Loadability

    20" FCL : Approx 17000 kgs 40" FCL : Approx 25000 kgs

  • Place Of Origin

    Central Java - Indonesia

  • Delivery Detail

    Within 20 days after confirmation of Order

  • Terms of Payment

    T.T : 50% Advance at the time of Confirming the Order and Balance 50% at the time of Fax Copy of B/L or 100% Irrevocable, Confirmed L/C at Sight from Prime Bank

  • Price Validity

    10 Days

  • Certified

    Halal MUI, PIRT, USDA. EU, FDA

  • Other Certification

    100% coconut sugar, No Preservative, NoArtificial Flavour / Colour No Chemical, Non-GMO Certification: Phytosanitary

  • Terms of Payment and FOB Price

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We are young people who work together to build our area as a form of our love for our environment and the future in which we were born

Office : Tambakan, RT 03/09 Ajibarang Kulon, Ajibarang, Banyumas – Central Java. 53163 Indonesia
Manufacture : KUB Sumber Rejeki Ponjen RT 04/01 Karanganyar, Purbalingga Central Java – Indonesia

Phone: +6281286892128


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