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Natural Sweetener

Coconut Nectar

Sugar with a strong aroma and better taste for a variety of food and beverage flavors

Refined Sugar Free

Best Product

Product Feature

Low Glycemix Index

very safe for diabetics because it contains a Glycemic index of 35 and a sugar content of 65

Like Honey

The texture and taste is like honey, because it is produced from coconut flower honey liquid


Very suitable to be used as a sweetener in coffee, chocolate and the food and cafe industries

Raw Material

Harvested from certified organic plantations

Brix 65% OFF

Natural Sweetener

Refined Sugar Free, Gluten Free

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We call it coconut sugar jam because it is thicker and can be used as a spread for food and bread. Day Nectar is made from 100% organic coconut sap processed into sugar jam at a specific temperature. This is a sugar solution with multipurpose and is more practical. You pour it into the menu of the food you like, in contrast to coconut sugar granule, which requires more prolonged heating to dry. Day Nectar provides nutrients that are still maintained because it does not require a maximum cooking and drying process.
With a PH of 5.5 and a sweetness level of 70-80, it is ideal for those of you who are concerned about diabetes who want to maintain more consistent sugar levels because of the low glycemic index, low fructose. If the glycemic index is lower, then Day Nectar will replace other sugars, and you will feel full longer, which helps the process of maintaining and losing weight

Coconut Nectar Specification

  • Shelf Life

    1,5 years

  • Colour

    Light brown, yellow

  • Process

    Organic Process, clean, No Fungus

  • Quantity

    Max 20 MT/ month

  • Packaging Detail

    Bulk Packaging available in pail type 20 kg with plastics available organic process

  • Loadability

    20″ FCL : Approx 17000 kgs 40″ FCL : Approx 25000 kgs

  • Place Of Origin

    Central Java – Indonesia

  • Delivery Detail

    Within 20 days after confirmation of Order

  • Terms of Payment

    T.T : 50% Advance at the time of Confirming the Order and Balance 50% at the time of Fax Copy of B/L or 100% Irrevocable, Confirmed L/C at Sight from Prime Bank

  • Price Validity

    10 Days

  • Certified

    Halal MUI Indonesia, PIRT

  • Other Certification

    100% coconut sugar, No Preservative, NoArtificial Flavour / Colour No Chemical, Non-GMO Certification: Phytosanitary

  • Terms of Payment and FOB Price

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Coconut Sugar Farmers

Coconut Sugar Farmers

+6281286892128 Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 18:30 Twitter Instagram Youtube Linkedin Coconut sugar farmers, their average age is above 40 years. For us, it is a very noble profession. Farmers never complain and continue to work climbing coconut trees in any weather conditions. their production is still very traditional. Argalingga as a partner helps
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Internal Control System (ICS)

Internal Control System (ICS)

The ICS Internal Control System is in charge of recording all Argalingga farmers in detail. They recorded complete names and addresses of farmers, recorded the number of coconut trees and other plants around the coconut trees. They also recorded the land area, made a map of the farmers’ land, the amount of production per day,
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NIRA (Coconut Sap)

NIRA (Coconut Sap)

. Nira is the sap or liquid produced from the flowers of the coconut tree. The flower is a candidate for coconut fruit. But because it is tapped and the juice is taken. Sap tastes sweet like honey. Nira is the primary raw material for making coconut sugar. The nature of the liquid is easy
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We are young people who work together to build our area as a form of our love for our environment and the future in which we were born


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Manufacture : KUB Sumber Rejeki Ponjen RT 04/01 Karanganyar, Purbalingga Central Java – Indonesia

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