How We Work

We are a group of young people from Banyumas who are working together to develop our area by utilizing existing natural and human resources. at sugar we are familiar with the experience of serving a wide variety of buyers. The journey taught us how a small, inexperienced company, became a professional business group in receiving orders from various buyers with different characters.


Honest and committed and stay away from fraudulent way of doing business is our principle. Do not give falsehood and will commit to all responsibilities.


Our Services


Explore and find new innovations with the ingenuity we have with new ideas that aim to maintain the company’s journey to become a strong and independent company.


Our goal in establishing a company is to have a positive impact on the surrounding community, build human resources that relate to all partners who work with us.


Healthy and mutually helpful relationships to our farmers, collectors and regular buyers. Building openness to products and problems in the field and maintaining a wage system for workers and farmers with values above average. For us, human resources are the center of the company’s activities

“The best thing in our business is harmony between words and actions, synchrony of mind and heart. mediate between the positive and the negative”

Anang Widiyana

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Melvin Thorton
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