Organic Brown Sugar

The quality of a product is the spirit for Argalingga, keeping it stable in the instability of farmers’ products due to the influence of climate, the process of tapping sap. Very strict selection for superior products prevents consumer rejection. We really monitor this because our customers have high standards. From color, softness, aroma and taste, as well as stable dryness.

Healthy can be Delicious

This product has been around for hundreds of years in Banyumas and significantly contributes to the economy. We maintain a value inherited from our ancestors for this product by supporting organic and traditional values. Provide supervision, a strict production system, and highly guarded quality control—sugar produced from coconut tree honey with high nutrients for both sweetness and health. Our sugar is different from the sugar in the world, with Glicemix (35) low and rich in nutrients in it.
It is a natural sweetener rich in minerals. It is processed from coconut sap taken before sunrise to keep the sugar honey from spoiling and made by experts with decades of experience in making organic coconut sugar. Because disciplined farmers and professional production workers produce quality coconut sugar. We present a variety of packaging according to market demand.

— Low Glycemix Index

— Freee Pesticide

— Non GMO

— Vegan

— Natural Sweetener

— Organic


Simple Ingredients. Simple Recipes

Argalingga Coconut Sugar

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