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Our organic coconut sugar includes crystal coconut sugar, liquid coconut sugar, and molded coconut sugar. For molded coconut sugar and granulated coconut sugar, they have received EU and USDA standard organic certificates. For liquid coconut sugar, we are still in the process of getting organic certification.

Natural coconut sugar means that this sugar is of the same quality as certified organic coconut sugar.

This product has been around for hundreds of years in Banyumas and significantly contributes to the economy.

We call it coconut sugar jam because it is thicker and can be used as a spread for food and bread. Day Nectar is made from 100% organic coconut sap processed into sugar jam at a specific temperature.

Organic coconut sugar in solid form or called coconut sugar. This type of sugar does not last long in the storage process.

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We provide services for products for consumers and our partners who want to cooperate and entrepreneurship. Success together and create new entrepreneurs in Indonesia. create jobs and help Indonesian farmers to advance in the economy and the quality of their products

Branding Design

Provide the opportunity to become partners to use their packaging brands


Selected product quality with strict monitoring processes, and on time delivery


You can see some photos of our products and company activities in the gallery.

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If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please get in touch with customer service.


Our products are available for industrial and retail markets in Indonesia and abroad.


The market that is still wide opens up marketing that continues to grow for the long term.

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Organic Coconut Sugar?

We have been working with Argalingga for quite a long time. We have not found a problem as long as we receive the goods. So we think they work very carefully in serving consumers


Low Glycemix-35


Taste Greats


Pure & Unrefined


Rich In Essential


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Arga Lingga has a long-term production process to form a competitive product value, from the sterility of the production site, the cleanliness of the workforce, the quality of the raw materials. Thousands of farmers with each sugar product is undoubtedly an obstacle. We pay close attention to this matter. The process of raw materials from farmers to entering the production site is also selected with a systematic quality control according to our standards. Because we pay attention to consumers will value satisfaction.

Project Analysis

The quality of a product is the spirit for Argalingga, keeping it stable in the instability of farmers’ products due to climate influences, the process of tapping sap. Rigorous selection for superior products prevents consumer rejection. We monitor this because our customers have high standards from color, softness, aroma, and taste, as well as stable dryness.

Deliver Result

As long as we send products, our customers have never given a negative rating and have never even returned our products. We always speak frankly to our customers to do the work following our quota limits and capabilities. We do not accept orders in quantities that we cannot afford. so that we can work on the quality and time determined by our buyer



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If you want to sell our products with your brand label, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

We accept Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

  • For smaller orders, three freight pallets and below, 100% full advance payment, paid five days before shipment pick-up or delivery.
  • For orders three freight pallets and above, 50% down payment; balance paid five days before shipment pick-up or delivery.


Please get in touch with us about this, because we are very flexible to discuss with you.

We could send you our organic coconut sugar sample. Samples cost is on us if you have a shipping account.

Located in Banyumas as the center of the largest coconut sugar and coconut oil farmers in Indonesia. Our production and office are close to raw materials. We are close to farmers and nurture them. You won’t find a price broker so you get the price from the owner directly.

We have product processing facilities by hand and without machine intervention. But that does not mean our products are not hygienic. We have natural value in it. From the process of picking up products to packaging we comply with international standards.


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Coconut Sugar Farmers

+6281286892128 Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 18:30 Twitter Instagram Youtube Linkedin Coconut sugar farmers, their average age is above 40 years. For us, it is a very noble profession. Farmers never complain and continue to work climbing coconut trees in any weather conditions. their production is still very traditional. Argalingga as a partner helps
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Legi Market

Legi (Manis) is the name of the day in Java. Coconut sugar farmers usually sell sugar in the market on Legi day. They accommodate the production for five days and sell it on Legi day. They were sold to collectors and traditional markets. This tradition has been going on for decades. Not only sugar but
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Pangkor is a tool made of bamboo that is used to accommodate coconut sap on a coconut tree. Liquid dripping from the flowers of a slashed coconut tree. The slashed end of the Mangar is inserted into the Pangkor. Pangkor contains natural preservatives to keep the juice from fermenting while in Pangkor. the certification body
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We are young people who work together to build our area as a form of our love for our environment and the future in which we were born

Office : Tambakan, RT 03/09 Ajibarang Kulon, Ajibarang, Banyumas – Central Java. 53163 Indonesia
Manufacture : KUB Sumber Rejeki Ponjen RT 04/01 Karanganyar, Purbalingga Central Java – Indonesia

Phone: +6281286892128


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