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A combination of coconut sugar products with native Indonesian spices and herbs that have been known for hundreds of years. in it there are benefits for stamina and health.

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Health is the most important part of human life. Argalingga has played a role in redeveloping Indonesian special ingredients for the benefit of world health.

Our Product

Traditional Indonesian people’s concoction as a legacy of the past for health with a blend of spices and coconut sugar. help the world community to stamina from the threat of viruses and various diseases that are increasing.

Ginger Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar with a combination of ginger provides warmth and stamina. packed in practical packaging to be carried in all situations, both cold and warm temperatures. now health is very vulnerable to virus attacks, and ginger coconut sugar plays a very important role in every activity to maintain stamina

Tamarind Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is combined with tamarind, a combination of the sweetness of coconut sugar and the taste of tamarind. This is a typical Javanese drink when experiencing stomach pain or for a natural diet. but there are many other benefits of this drink.

Turmeric Coconut Sugar

Turmeric sugar with a combination of coconut sugar and turmeric is a traditional Indonesian drink to cure flatulence, pain during menstruation and body stamina. This method has been done for hundreds of years in Indonesian society.


Coconut sugar combined with cinnamon is a product of Argalingga which brings back some of the typical Indonesian drinks of the past. how they are strong in stamina and resistant to disease before various chemical drugs enter Indonesia. We believe in the properties that have been taught by our ancestors to be preserved for the next generation.

"There are two things that many people ignore, namely health and free time"

– Anang Widiyana


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