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The product is always available at any time, confirm the stock can contact via our customer

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our product warranty is responsible if there is a problem with a product sent to consumers. assurance if our product is not suitable

Professionally Technicians

Employ professionals in each field of work. All interconnected with the system that we have created.

High standard trusted & professional services

We work optimally for satisfactory service—controller of all components to work optimally with their respective tasks. And none of them are the greatest because each line has its expertise.
We are a family building that prioritizes the human aspect of work. Service is the main, but our people are the most critical asset.

Work with sincerity, serve with heart, and provide crystal coconut sugar products that meet market needs. We are confident in our products even though we do not use modern equipment. Our machines are farmers who never give up on any weather. They keep going up and down the coconut tree. And production staff who always work with heart despite the limited means of production. But we still put forward product standards that match market standards.


Tambakan, Ajibarang Kulon RT 03/09 No.22 Ajibarang Banyumas, Central Java 53163

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10:00 AM – 22.00 PM
Monday – Sunday

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Phone: 62-81286892128

We are young people who work together to build our area as a form of our love for our environment and the future in which we were born

Office : Tambakan, RT 03/09 Ajibarang Kulon, Ajibarang, Banyumas – Central Java. 53163 Indonesia
Manufacture : KUB Sumber Rejeki Ponjen RT 04/01 Karanganyar, Purbalingga Central Java – Indonesia

Phone: +6281286892128


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