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Our farmer’s secret is how they are vital to climbing coconut trees every day, and it turns out that they consume coconut sugar every morning. Their bones are solid and resistant to disease. Despite the heat and rain, they still work. Organic coconut sugar is recommended for livestock drinks to maintain the immunity of livestock from disease. In Indonesia, that organic coconut sugar is sugar with rich nutrients that have multiple benefits.

Friendly Organic

Nearly 90% of our coconut plantation land is dewatered and produces sap as raw material for coconut sugar production. Our land is in the mountains and far from settlements, far from people’s agricultural land, and safe from chemical contamination.

What We Do

Health Benefit

Organic coconut sugar contains lots of vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and is high in calcium. It is a sweetener recommended by doctors for people with diabetes.


Argalingga has a long-term production process to form a competitive product value, from the sterility of the production site, the cleanliness of the workforce, the quality of the raw materials. Thousands of farmers with each sugar product is undoubtedly an obstacle. We pay close attention to this matter.

How To Use

Organic coconut sugar is used for food additives, milk drinks, coffee, tea, and the bakery and chocolate industries. It is a natural sweetener that is easily soluble and easy to use, has a distinctive taste, and smells good when cooked

Work with sincerity, serve with heart, and provide crystal coconut sugar products that meet market needs. We are confident in our products even though we do not use modern equipment. Our machines are farmers who never give up on any weather. They keep going up and down the coconut tree. And production staff who always work with heart despite the limited means of production. But we still put forward product standards that match market standards.

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The product is always available at any time, confirm the stock can contact via our customer

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Our product warranty is responsible if there is a problem with a product sent to consumers. assurance if our product is not suitable

Professionally Technicians

Employ professionals in each field of work. All interconnected with the system that we have created.

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We open up to outsiders to learn how to produce organic coconut sugar products from the field process to packaging.

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