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The profession of a coconut sugar farmer is a noble job. You can imagine a farmer climbing an average of 20 coconut trees every day in the morning and evening with an average tree height of 10 meters. You can imagine they go up 200 meters one day, and it will lead
to 400 meters if you count the time he drops back down. To produce the best quality sugar, they climb trees to collect coconut sap when most of you are still awake.
Coconut sugar farmers are disciplined, hardworking, and mentally strong farmers. Because if it is too late, they will be damaged the coconut sap, honey. When it rains, they do their job, and we train to make organic coconut sugar products to the set standards. With their increasing prosperity, the farmer is also aware of giving you the best sugar.

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what do coconut sugar farmers do every day?

In the morning before sunrise they had climbed the tree to get the best quality, in the afternoon they climbed again to cut the coconut flower so that the juice from the coconut flower came out

how many coconut sugar farmers does Argalingga have

Our farmers number around 700 and each have 15 coconut trees.

is there any protection for them?

Since Argalingga has registered farmers and nurtured them, we have carried out labor and health accident insurance coverage

How are their products accommodated?

We are responsible for buying their products whether the market is sluggish. We do this commitment so that they have market certainty

how long do they work

they work for generations, from young to old age they still do that work

how is the life of a coconut sugar farmer

how is the life of a coconut sugar farmer
In the past, many coconut sugar farmers had debts to middlemen, but with assistance and bought at a reasonable price, now farmers are more organized in the economy.






We are young people who work together to build our area as a form of our love for our environment and the future in which we were born


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