Organic Coconut Sugar

ARGA LINGGA PERKASA is a company that prioritizes the manufacture of products with local values, which are natural, organic, traditional. Products with high nutritional value and a long history. Involving thousands of coconut sugar farmers in Central Java. Since 2011 Argalingga Perkasa has started this work fostering a traditional farmer to produce high-value traditional values.

Popular Items

Granule Coconut Sugar

Natural sweetener with many benefits and nutrients contained therein

8oz | 16oz

Molded Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar in the form of molds tailored to the needs of market demand

8oz | 16oz

Popular Items

Organic Coconut Sugar

USDA-EU certified organic coconut sugar and Halal

8oz | 16oz

 Coconut Sugar Syrup

Coconut sugar in the form of liquid or syrup with the specified brik. Thick like honey and more taste of coconut sugar.

8oz | 16oz


Who We Are

We are a group of young people who founded a company by fighting for coconut sugar farmers and maintaining a balance between the environment we work in and the nature in which our crops grow. Keep it sustainable by doing care and replanting. We involve all the components in our place into a resource that works to produce a work.

How We Work

Argalingga is a company that was founded with a noble purpose, and we are determined to run a responsible business, positive social impact, kinship with our partners, both farmers, collectors, our buyers, and the environment around us involved. Human resources are the heart of the company’s net—training in management, training in production. We believe our existence will bring a good impact on the future.

Quality Products

The quality of a product includes many elements. Our products are certified organic EU, USDA, COR, NOP, and all that give confidence to our consumers that we are serious about maintaining quality. products that are environmentally friendly, safe for consumption, and have a health impact on our consumers


Our products are not produced from genetically modified plants. Our crops even existed before the invention of genetic engineering. From a tree that is almost 50 years old and we take seeds from the same tree to be re-developed without mixing with other varieties.

Our Organic Certified

We have almost 1000 organic coconut sugar farmers. And each farmer produces an average of 10 to 15 kg per day. From the land to the production process, we have organic certification to EU, USDA, and other standards. Our market is broad-reaching all over the world. For late 2021, we have a quota of 160 tons of certified organic sugar.


Organic coconut sugar can be used for food additives, milk drinks, coffee, tea, and bakery and chocolate industries. It is a natural sweetener that is easily soluble and easy to use, has an exceptional taste, and is fragrant when cooked. 

Low Glycemix Index

Organic coconut sugar does not cause an increase in blood sugar because it has a low glycemic index of 35. Even organic coconut sugar can increase the strength of the body to carry out activities

Health And Benefit

Organic coconut sugar contains lots of vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and is high in calcium. It is a sweetener recommended by doctors for people with diabetes. And it is our farmer’s secret how they are powerful to climb coconut trees every day, and it turns out that they consume coconut sugar every morning. Their bones are solid and resistant to disease. Despite the heat and rain, they still work. Organic coconut sugar is recommended for livestock drinks to maintain the immunity of livestock from disease. In Indonesia, that organic coconut sugar is sugar with rich nutrients that have multiple benefits.

— Organic

— Low Glycemix

— Non GMO

— Free Pesticide

Coconut sugar is perfect for sweetening coffee wherever you are, very different in taste from cane sugar

— Satyawira Aryawan Deng

Consuming coconut sugar is our daily sugar consumption, you have to do it

— Lydia S

Healthy can be Delicious

Healthy sugar has many benefits for both human consumption and the health of the livestock industry

Simple Ingredients. Simple Recipes

Argalingga Agriculture

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