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Let The Product Begin

The quality of a product includes many elements. Our products are certified organic EU, USDA, COR, NOP, and all that give confidence to our consumers that we are serious about maintaining quality. products that are environmentally friendly, safe for consumption, and have a health impact on our consumers. We produce organic coconut sugar in 3 types of products: crystal coconut sugar, liquid sugar, and molded sugar.


Tarditional Equipment

The work still uses traditional equipment such as a mixer and grinder using wood and coconut shells. We don’t use the whole machine. holding our fuel, we still use wood that we take from our land



The use of packaging according to export standards ensures safety in transit, according to the size of the container, more practical, and easy to place.


Metal Detector

We were using a metal detector machine before the product was packaged. Our packaging uses thick, durable plastic to prevent the risk of damage in transit.

How We Work

Working as a Team

We are a group of young people from Banyumas who are working together to develop our area by utilizing existing natural and human resources. at sugar we are familiar with the experience of serving a wide variety of buyers. The journey taught us how a small, inexperienced company, became a professional business group in receiving orders from various buyers with different characters.


Work on time and complete the work in accordance with the time given, without problems and according to the expected specs

Maintain Quality

Quality is the most important factor. keep it stable so that our customer satisfaction continues for the long term


Work with honesty by leaving dirty ways.


Anang Widiyana

Anang Widiyana founded the company Argalingga since 2010. Previously he was a food ingredient expert for a national company and since leaving the company he founded a small business and is working on it every day to this day. supervise hundreds of farmers and dozens of organic coconut sugar collectors.

My Approach

The quality of a product is the spirit for Argalingga, keeping it stable in the instability of farmers’ products due to climate influences, the process of tapping sap. Rigorous selection for superior products prevents consumer rejection. We monitor this because our customers have high standards from color, softness, aroma, and taste, as well as stable dryness.

Delivery Result

As long as we send products, our customers have never given a negative rating and have never even returned our products. We always speak frankly to our customers to do the work following our quota limits and capabilities. We do not accept orders in quantities that we cannot afford. so that we can work on the quality and time determined by our buyer


We provide services for products for consumers and our partners who want to cooperate and entrepreneurship. Success together and create new entrepreneurs in Indonesia. create jobs and help Indonesian farmers to advance in the economy and the quality of their products


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Does Argalingga Accept Private label Packaging?

If you want to sell our products with your brand label, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

How long term payment

We accept Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

  • For smaller orders, three freight pallets and below, 100% full advance payment, paid five days before shipment pick-up or delivery.
  • For orders three freight pallets and above, 50% down payment; balance paid five days before shipment pick-up or delivery.
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what is the minimum order (moq) in argalingga?

Please get in touch with us about this, because we are very flexible to discuss with you

our location

Located in Banyumas as the center of the largest coconut sugar and coconut oil farmers in Indonesia. Our production and office are close to raw materials. We are close to farmers and nurture them. You won’t find a price broker so you get the price from the owner directly.

our facilities

We have product processing facilities by hand and without machine intervention. But that does not mean our products are not hygienic. We have natural value in it. From the process of picking up products to packaging we comply with international standards.

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