Golden Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar produced from the best quality from the best farmers

Bulk Packaging

Natural Coconut Sugar with a slightly yellowish brown color

Golden Coconut Sugar with a bright and white color, as well as a strong and more fragrant sugar aroma

Golden coconut sugar requires special attention in the drying process. Too hot will cause the color to turn brown.

Our Product

soft texture and very fragrant aroma because it is produced from clear coconut sap and the process of taking it before sunrise.

Retail Packaging

We use standing pouch packaging (500 gr, 250 gram, 100 grm). We also provide 10gram sachet packaging for cafes and hotels. Practical to use when you enjoy any food.

Golden Color

20kg packaging with contents of 5 kg x 4 pcs in cardboard box packaging

Coconut Aroma

Sugar with coconut aroma produced from direct sap without any recycling process.

Golden Coconut Sugar

by | Aug 14, 2022

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